@FoxNews #WFC&VR – v.145 Ridin’ Or Dying With @JohnCena #ShowYourGrit @China Timeless Rhymes As @WeNurses Rise

#COMBATMEDIC? – I usually walk the line back and forth between being a heel and face in real life (IRL). When I’m not heeling on everyt’ing #WWE and basically causing serious problems for my VERY irritable boss @VinceMcMahon, I’m designing the future of the modern #CoffeeStation at Convenience & Variety stores worldwide.

etJust this last week, we bankrolled an early deal to see what the #Tamil, #Bangladesh, #SriLanka, #Desi community comes up with as an answer I have posed to them through the exchange of a 1st edition September 11th, 2001 Attacks On America heirloom collectible – a #2600 magazine that was released in the weeks previous to September 11th, 2001.

It was only collecting serious dust in my supply of #LegitBoss interrogation techniques and I felt the best method to preserving the neutral authenticity of the magazine was to begin a dialogue with longtime Convenience & Variety store owners if they can use their own charm and knowledge to translate what they can from this magazine and other first editions soon to be distributed among the store and shoppe owners in this part of #SouthernOntarioAdventure.

Big shout out to #WASS in the #HamOnt community for respecting the long and laborious project to bring this Sports Entertainment writer into the restaurant. #WeAllKno with black folks and #PigsLikeMe, we have to take several trips to negotiate our experience with any fine restaurant.



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