Toronto’s Hostelling International: #Toronto Destination For Economical Election Movers & Selfies

It seems like every time we do one of these local lodging perspectives on inexpensive solutions for your global travel voyage to Canada, people always have differing opinions on what frugal travel means. …or if you’re just a local in #Tha6ix wanting to generate an impressive Staycation creative venture, for sure you’ll want to drop by the Hostelling International spot in downtown Toronto (Church Street) .. Cheap drinks, wicked proper kind staff, excellent vive to decompress before and after downtowning it, amazing décor. Seriously, if you’re a backpacker, this is your kind of jam.

So basically with three major elections coming up locally in .tDot (Municipal, Provincial & Federal), for those of you that need to find somewhere to stay before beginning your political campaign, this is it. Cheap eats, cheap drinks, calming décor, great live music. Best value for accommodation in the city…

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