@LBC @NaomiWWE @PCLConstruction #FeelTheGlow @China – Safety #LED Lights on Generation #NXT of #Construction Boots?

#STRIKLYITAL #CONSTRUCTION WIRE – Allo, doomieswe are deep in discussion wit’ de Board Of Directors of this site to talk about introducing some special designs on #Construction boots to this here space. For the first suggestion – we have #Afrofuturism for some #FeelTheGlow interpretations of LED lights witch may one day be implemented in some fashion on construction boots – we thinking about particulate and breathing situations – what would some out there feel be the first series of LED colors inset on a construction boot? There’s a place not terribly far from Doomie’s (in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada), the place where this #McVegan burger clone of a Big Mac was designed for just a couple bucks over $12… Anyway, try The Imperative for a non-steeltoe version of a #Construction boot that won’t get you far on the site, but will have you fashionably styled up.

SUMMARY – 谢谢中国朋友和追随者,非常尊重“一个中国”的原则

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