Just A Little Ol’ Piggie Not To Be Eaten…Please Because I Hear Dear Piggie’s Voices In My Head

#DEARDIARY FUTURE THOUGHTS ABOUT #TECHNOLOGY, #FARMlife & BOOTS TO BE WORN NEAR OR ON THE #CONSTRUCTION SITE – I’ve got this dream that maybe some people in the city will want to start a simple staycation adventure by driving out to a country farm and gettin’ on a good ol’ tractor at some Bed N’ Breakfast somewhere. Or paying to be involved with the landscaping of a major outdoor project.

Something has to be done to convey the message to these produce shoppers the true societal cost of fresh fruits and veggies.

I can hear some of these piggies’ voices in my head and gentle souls that they are, they an indicate a desire to tell The Save Movement that roadside rescues are a dangerous risk to the personal safety of truck haulage protestors and animal rights believers.

The protestors along #TheSaveMovement routes aren’t playing by the rules.

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Peter Harris

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