Jane & Weston

We were very hungry this Summer and fought the city for some street hit points on Pokémon Ayyy-yo. We stopped in at Drake’s ol’ Jane & Weston corner in the city of Toronto to devour some #Ital foods right on the street because it was so darn delicious that I was not about to waste the warm comfort of freshly prepared food with heart!

For around thirty-five, forty dollars, some vegans can pick up their own Ital jams and you’ll note this is soooo-much more worth supporting Island Hot & Spicy to support the history of OG Hip-Hop and New G Rap visions… talk soon…

Street Update

@BayStreetWiFi/followers – #GettyImages – @CNN, it seems like a good idea in this new era of the end of the #WarOnDugs (at least some of it, anyway) that some platforms when they submit their image to be used as news journalism that all followers be publicly available in a @CNNi database. Thoughts…

@HomeDepot, it’s clear we are nowhere near completion locally of provisions of #Emergency Garden Restore products in the event of civil emergencies, natural disasters, climate change, etc.

Nor do I have any idea of the distribution of ration food supplies in climate longitudes & latitudes worldwide.