Kensington Market

@LuFisto @ #KensingtonMarket #TOPOLI #ONPOLI #CDNPOLI GOOD EVENING – Folks, I was going to call this column “Letters To #LuFisto” concerning buying, renting and outright selling my undying love and respect for a veteran in this pro entertainment sports game, the athlete known as… Lufisto.

#KensingtonMarket is a hot go-to #dimespot for #PlanetMarley but will the #Toronto #IkeaMonkies ever get a chance to keep their #dispensary culture thriving? Lufisto, we are roughly 9 months – the length of time of the baby we gave #YYZ #Delta Airport way back when in 2012, when athletes weren’t medicating with ganja on the professional level.

But now that 36-12 (thirty six hours awake – twelve hours sleep) has been endorsed no less than by the reporters at The National Post in Canada, we’ve got to get things in check (or is it @cheque yo’self homegirl) for fans to understand that it takes more than Corey Graves hinting that #Colorado was a mile high city or comments to stay “lit”…

Honeybun, can you imagine that the high schools in Canada this season and fourth have probably no drug testing so WADA is going to be clearly messed up for the local Olympic hopes in any of the provinces where Chronixxx is scheduled to be legal on July 1st.

Ju-think that future pro sports are being affected by the legalization of true dope styles come July 1st, 2018 and honey, how will it effect the sport we love? Besides another VanDaminator, I suppose. Anyway, like a Young Gotti wicked tight, this column is going to be about Professional Wrestling and the ongoing march to legalization of dope. Still, you can call ‘dis #DopemanJournalism….

Anyway, we sponsored here, right here in ‘did column by Young Gotti and Law.