Just A Little Ol’ Piggie Not To Be Eaten…Please Because I Hear Dear Piggie’s Voices In My Head

#DEARDIARY FUTURE THOUGHTS ABOUT #TECHNOLOGY, #FARMlife & BOOTS TO BE WORN NEAR OR ON THE #CONSTRUCTION SITE – I’ve got this dream that maybe some people in the city will want to start a simple staycation adventure by driving out to a country farm and gettin’ on a good ol’ tractor at some Bed N’ Breakfast somewhere. Or paying to be involved with the landscaping of a major outdoor project.

Something has to be done to convey the message to these produce shoppers the true societal cost of fresh fruits and veggies.

I can hear some of these piggies’ voices in my head and gentle souls that they are, they an indicate a desire to tell The Save Movement that roadside rescues are a dangerous risk to the personal safety of truck haulage protestors and animal rights believers.

The protestors along #TheSaveMovement routes aren’t playing by the rules.

@GoVegan @muscle_fitness @Shape_Magazine @LeeHaney – Vegan #Construction Boot Introduced as Planet Marley Site Theory

logoNO GREEN SEAL C.S.A. CERTIFICATION – Just want to clear up from the getting is good department that ‘dis Vegan #Construction boot is no friend of the #site but a definite friend to those stylezP folks looking for a plant-based solution to Timberland fashion common sense.

You’ll need steeled toes for site access (as if you didn’t know this). However, for ladies and men who want to set the world on fire with the look n’ feel of #Construction lifestyle, without all the heavy labor involved, you can find this pleasant boot at The Imperative in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada.


SUMMARY: 我们需要更大尺寸的素食服装

@LBC @NaomiWWE @PCLConstruction #FeelTheGlow @China – Safety #LED Lights on Generation #NXT of #Construction Boots?

#STRIKLYITAL #CONSTRUCTION WIRE – Allo, doomieswe are deep in discussion wit’ de Board Of Directors of this site to talk about introducing some special designs on #Construction boots to this here space. For the first suggestion – we have #Afrofuturism for some #FeelTheGlow interpretations of LED lights witch may one day be implemented in some fashion on construction boots – we thinking about particulate and breathing situations – what would some out there feel be the first series of LED colors inset on a construction boot? There’s a place not terribly far from Doomie’s (in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada), the place where this #McVegan burger clone of a Big Mac was designed for just a couple bucks over $12… Anyway, try The Imperative for a non-steeltoe version of a #Construction boot that won’t get you far on the site, but will have you fashionably styled up.

SUMMARY – 谢谢中国朋友和追随者,非常尊重“一个中国”的原则

No more #Keenur re: #INSTA @ city.television. – Does Vodka Outsells Ice Cream!



local fair called ROCKTON WORLD’S FAIR – MARLEY FAMILY this is AKROYD VODKA –>  Some say spirits of local provider excellent, thank you LCBO, OPEN UP THE HARVEST FAIRS for innovation IE Should be a central lottery registration system each tent sell own prize, etc. UNNNNNHHHH –>< Also, the University area Waterlooo is heavy with dogg waste recycling ideas, could more dogs at the park who don’t bark be encouraged to bring their owners to depot HOME DE POT to increase dogg waste recycling  <–

The #Hollywood #Temple… @drake 2.Oz Of #Respect #Earner 2 #Bo$$ #brookecandyVEVO For Providing Vision, Sound & Mobb Nurse Life

Di’s lady wit’ me…

Brooke Candy (born July 20, 1989) is an American rapper and singer. She independently released videos for her songs “Das Me”, “Everybody Does” and “I Wanna Fuck Right Now”. Candy signed with RCA in February 2014, releasing her debut EP Opulence on May 6, 2014 which features title track as lead and major label debut single.[1][2] Later she joined Columbia‘s UK roster.[3] She has since left Sony. Candy’s second EP is set to be released in the fall of 2017.[4]

While working as an intern for Rachel Zoe, Candy contacted Larry Flynt, seeking work as a photographer for Hustler.[5] Flynt eventually employed her as a mannequin stylist for Hustler store fronts. Candy described the job as “dress[ing] the mannequins slutty.”[5] During 2012 and 2013, Candy independently released her first three videos for her songs; “Das Me”, “Everybody Does”, and “I Wanna **** Right Now” on YouTube.[5]

20604634_170254030187243_775758720482490167_n#WeAllKno it takes certain skillz to pay da’ billz. so if you haven’t heard, #BrookeCandyVEVO has another deal in the works for the year 2017. We hopez it come out more better than when Snoop Dogg dropped his “Cumming Soon” moniker only after about 22 weeks delaying Doggystyle.

I love ‘dis song cuz it says yo’ #Mario! But Gary ‘Plaza” Bot needs to wake up Walkers Line in #BurlOn and get moving on sustainable development of all his moneylands in #Oakville (aka #Smokeville) before they destroy more heritage farmland and properly property.

Toronto’s Hostelling International: #Toronto Destination For Economical Election Movers & Selfies

It seems like every time we do one of these local lodging perspectives on inexpensive solutions for your global travel voyage to Canada, people always have differing opinions on what frugal travel means. …or if you’re just a local in #Tha6ix wanting to generate an impressive Staycation creative venture, for sure you’ll want to drop by the Hostelling International spot in downtown Toronto (Church Street) .. Cheap drinks, wicked proper kind staff, excellent vive to decompress before and after downtowning it, amazing décor. Seriously, if you’re a backpacker, this is your kind of jam.

So basically with three major elections coming up locally in .tDot (Municipal, Provincial & Federal), for those of you that need to find somewhere to stay before beginning your political campaign, this is it. Cheap eats, cheap drinks, calming décor, great live music. Best value for accommodation in the city…

@FoxNews #WFC&VR – v.145 Ridin’ Or Dying With @JohnCena #ShowYourGrit @China Timeless Rhymes As @WeNurses Rise

#COMBATMEDIC? – I usually walk the line back and forth between being a heel and face in real life (IRL). When I’m not heeling on everyt’ing #WWE and basically causing serious problems for my VERY irritable boss @VinceMcMahon, I’m designing the future of the modern #CoffeeStation at Convenience & Variety stores worldwide.

etJust this last week, we bankrolled an early deal to see what the #Tamil, #Bangladesh, #SriLanka, #Desi community comes up with as an answer I have posed to them through the exchange of a 1st edition September 11th, 2001 Attacks On America heirloom collectible – a #2600 magazine that was released in the weeks previous to September 11th, 2001.

It was only collecting serious dust in my supply of #LegitBoss interrogation techniques and I felt the best method to preserving the neutral authenticity of the magazine was to begin a dialogue with longtime Convenience & Variety store owners if they can use their own charm and knowledge to translate what they can from this magazine and other first editions soon to be distributed among the store and shoppe owners in this part of #SouthernOntarioAdventure.

Big shout out to #WASS in the #HamOnt community for respecting the long and laborious project to bring this Sports Entertainment writer into the restaurant. #WeAllKno with black folks and #PigsLikeMe, we have to take several trips to negotiate our experience with any fine restaurant.