@GoVegan @muscle_fitness @Shape_Magazine @LeeHaney – Vegan #Construction Boot Introduced as Planet Marley Site Theory

logoNO GREEN SEAL C.S.A. CERTIFICATION – Just want to clear up from the getting is good department that ‘dis Vegan #Construction boot is no friend of the #site but a definite friend to those stylezP folks looking for a plant-based solution to Timberland fashion common sense.

You’ll need steeled toes for site access (as if you didn’t know this). However, for ladies and men who want to set the world on fire with the look n’ feel of #Construction lifestyle, without all the heavy labor involved, you can find this pleasant boot at The Imperative in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada.


SUMMARY: 我们需要更大尺寸的素食服装

@LBC @NaomiWWE @PCLConstruction #FeelTheGlow @China – Safety #LED Lights on Generation #NXT of #Construction Boots?

#STRIKLYITAL #CONSTRUCTION WIRE – Allo, doomieswe are deep in discussion wit’ de Board Of Directors of this site to talk about introducing some special designs on #Construction boots to this here space. For the first suggestion – we have #Afrofuturism for some #FeelTheGlow interpretations of LED lights witch may one day be implemented in some fashion on construction boots – we thinking about particulate and breathing situations – what would some out there feel be the first series of LED colors inset on a construction boot? There’s a place not terribly far from Doomie’s (in Parkdale, Toronto, Canada), the place where this #McVegan burger clone of a Big Mac was designed for just a couple bucks over $12… Anyway, try The Imperative for a non-steeltoe version of a #Construction boot that won’t get you far on the site, but will have you fashionably styled up.

SUMMARY – 谢谢中国朋友和追随者,非常尊重“一个中国”的原则